"Taubman Sucks!"
by Henry Charles Mishkoff

TaubmanSucks (the Website) Soars into the Blogosphere

In late March 2005, a brief mention of the TaubmanSucks saga in BoingBoing (a popular blog) resulted in more than half a million hits on the TaubmanSucks.com website and engendered articles in dozens of other blogs.

One of the first bloggers to write about the TaubmanSucks case was Seth Godin, the preeminent Internet-marketing expert and author of best-selling books such as Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus. "Here's a fascinating case study in the power of being nice," Godin's piece began. (In a subsequent phone conversation, Godin revealed the depth of his interest in the TaubmanSucks story by mentioning that he was interested in the possibility of writing a forward to "Taubman Sucks!".)

Here's a sampling of what some of the other bloggers had to say.

"Thanks to Seth Godin for what he calls a fascinating case study, but, sorry Seth, what I call an unbelievable, incredible story of how a non-lawyer beat a law firm mostly on his own. I spent two hours reading this amazing story which reads more like a novel (and I didn't get to read everything)." -- The Legal Marketing Blog

"I went to the site to drop in. Two hours and 113 events later, I finally had an ending. This lengthy and often laugh-out-loud funny tale is a good read, comparable to a good book." -- So Cal Law Blog

"If you read this, be prepared to have a comfortable chair, plenty of fluids, and anger medication. It is a long story with documentation, and will take some time to read. It is worth the time if you are concerned about freedom of speech. Hank Mishkoff's battle is a must read for anybody who thinks that free speech is a way of life and not an inconvenient concept that can litigated away." -- Raving Lunacy

"You don't have to be a lawyer to appreciate it. In fact, if you are not an attorney, you will probably relish most how a layperson took on a law firm and its well-heeled corporate client. It delivers laugh-out-loud moments. One could probably not write fiction this engaging. Be warned, however. The story is told over 115 'acts,' but trust me. It pays off." -- LawReligionCultureReview

"It's a fascinating look at a small web developer being sued by a large corporation for running a website that praised one of the corporation's malls. Be warned, if you start reading, you may not be able to stop." -- J-Log [Journalism Log]

"Be careful, though. If you get sucked in by the introduction, you may end up reading the whole drama." -- Phosita

It's 115 'acts' long, but it's very entertaining, even for someone who doesn't understand the legal jargon." -- Mere-Orthodoxy

"It's long and filled with easily skipped legalese, but the overall story is riveting." -- Eric Berlin

"After reading Seth's blog yesterday I had to take a look at Hank Mishkoff's site – Taubman Sucks! And then I did the unthinkable (especially after seeing the site): I read the entire thing in a single sitting... and it's huge... but engrossing." -- AppliedThinking

"David now has a sling, though. The internet and its mass communication capabilities are a marvelous equalizer. Goliath needs to pay attention." -- Yclipse Tech Journal

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